Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  Doesn’t my accountant file my Personal Property tax return?
 Yes, most accountants do file your annual personal property tax return, but in
most instances they have not done a full scale audit of business personal
property.  In fact, most personal property tax payers are paying over their fair
share of taxes due to a lack of thorough auditing and reporting.

PTRG has a team of personal property tax experts that have over 40 years of
experience.  We will carefully analyze your personal property tax report and adjust
it if necessary to make sure that you are only paying your fair share of taxes.  We
act in accordance with your accountant and are focused on saving your tax

Q:  How much of my time is this going to take?
 For us to provide our analysis and services we would only require a minimal
amount of your time.  Initially, we would need to schedule a meeting to gather
and obtain necessary documentation and property information for us to begin
our analysis.  Next, we would perform our valuations, and meet again to obtain
any further information needed to complete the valuation or appeal process.    
Our experts work under the same time constraints as you, the client, so we focus
on efficiency to minimize your time and ours to maximize  mutually beneficial  

Q:  Is there any chance of my real property taxes increasing as a result  of
appealing them?
No, appeals are not filed unless we have conclusively verified that your
assessment is in excess of market value.  Therefore, property taxes would not
be increased as a result of our appeal - in any situation.

Q:  How much does it cost?
 PTRG offers a free analysis on all of your properties and, excluding the cost to
file personal property tax returns, PTRG works on a contingency fee basis.  If you
determine that you would like to use our services, our fees are based on your
savings.  Thus, if we cannot save you anything we do not require any fees and
our service is FREE.
 At PTRG...

Increasing your profit is our bottom line!
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