Executive Bios

James C. Sproul, President

Statement of Qualifications     
Jim Sproul, President and CEO of PTRG, Inc., retired Senior Manager,
Corporate Real Estate for DaimlerChrysler Corporation.  Jim handles
the daily operations at corporate headquarters in Livonia, Michigan.  
His knowledge of real and personal property values has helped our
clients save literally millions of tax dollars.

During his tenure at DaimlerChrysler, Jim was responsible for the
review and appeal of property tax assessments for continental U.S. as
the Chief Appraisal Specialist in the Tax Affairs office where he was
responsible for tax savings of over $300 million. His responsibilities
included management of a portfolio of 82 million square feet of owned
property, approximately 10,000 acres of vacant land, and 12 million
square feet of leased facilities.In his last assignment as Senior
Manager of Corporate Real Estate, Jim was responsible for the
acquisition, disposition and leasing of all corporate real estate in
NAFTA. He has worked with many governmental jurisdictions involving
right of way, easements and land donations.

Professional Qualifications
Michigan Real Estate Brokers License
Certified Michigan Assessment Evaluator License
State Certified Personal Property Examiner.

B.B.A, Eastern Michigan University
MSA, Central Michigan University

Lawrence Cohen, Assessor / Sales Associate

Larry brings a great deal of experience dealing in Real and Personal
Property from a national perspective to PTRG.  He has a CMAE III
Certification and is a State Certified Personal Property Examiner

Professional Background
•  City of Detroit, retired Appraiser III
Responsibilities included assessing Real and Personal Property
located in the Central Business District and handling tax appeals.
•  Kmart Corporation
Responsibilities included monitoring values of 400 properties in
8 states, filing appeals, and filing of Personal property statements.

•  Detroit Institute of Technology - Bachelor of Arts degree

Kelly McKenna, Vice President

Kelly's unique qualifications make her an asset to PTRG with regard to
her real estate and financial background.  As a lease broker, she was
responsible for securing relationships with banks and  funding sources,
office and sales management, and reviewing all legal documents.  Her
overall knowledge of real estate sales and finance is an added bonus
to our team of professionals.
Kelly oversees all departments at PTRG.  She manages the personal
and real property appeals for commercial buildings as well as
residential.  She, along with each member of our team, is experienced
with reporting personal property nationwide.  

Professional Background
•  Independent Residential Loan Closer 2001 - Present
•  Lease Finance Broker 1997 - 2002
•  Commercial Finance 1994 -1997
•  Real Estate Sales 1987 - Present

Robert VanLue, Computer Tech / Property Tax Specialist

Bob's strong computer background helps provide PTRG with solutions
to common computer issues as well as alternative methods to improve
the company's tasks.  He has also received training to allow him to
prepare and process property taxes for the company's clients.  

Professional Background
•  Computer Tech Specialist 1993 - present

•  Schoolcraft College - Business Associate Degree with honors
•  Western Michigan Universty - Bachelor Degree in Computer Science
with a Mathematics Minor

Joanne Szot, Administrative Assistant / Tax Management

Joanne's background in data entry and administrative work has made
her an asset to our organization. She is responsible for a variety of
clerical duties such as preparing and reviewing legal documents.
Her attention to detail and troubleshooting skills are extremely valuable
during peak tax season.  Joanne has also had training for property tax
management.  She is responsible for preparing client tax returns,
assessment notification, and paying tax bills.  

Carol McNabb, Property Tax Specialist

Carol recently retired from Chrysler after 39 years. Nineteen of those
years were in Tax Affairs management. Her knowledge of real and
personal property tax is especially valuable to PTRG as she handles
our Chrysler Realty account. Her reputation for expertise and detail is
an asset to our organization.
Carol provides tax service for Chrysler Realty's properties, which
includes processing tax payments, reviewing real property
assessments for appeal, calculating tax prorations for properties that
are to be sold and also the filing of personal property returns for
Chrysler Realty.

David Williams, Sales Manager / Tax Consultant

Dave is directly responsible for obtaining and maintaining clients with
respect to personal property filings, real and personal property tax
appeals. He is continually researching the real estate market and the
current trends that affect the values as such.  His dedication and
diligence has been proven with record sales at PTRG since joining our
team.  Dave manages our contract sales team and maintains a positive
and productive sales environment.

Jason Greifenberg, IT Support Specialist

Jason provides Information Technology solutions to the organization.
He can integrate accounting and property tax software such as PTMS
and QuickBooks into your current information structure.

Professional Background
•  CompTool Solutions LLC - Partner and Support Technician
•  Schoolcraft College - Networking and Software Support Technician
•  Progressive Tool / Wisne Design - Networking and Software Support
•  Major Video Concepts - Information Technology Instructor /

•  Microsoft Certified Professional
•  Bachelors Business Management - University of Phoenix
•  Computer Programming and Computer Repair Technician -
Schoolcraft College

James Sharkey, Senior Account Executive

Jim brings his many years of real estate experience and knowledge.  
he is especially valuable with our commercial clients and their needs.
Professional Background
•  DaimlerChrysler Corporation 1964 - 2001
Senior Manager -  Corporate Real Estate
•  Ticor Title Insurance Company
Senior Account Executive
•  Property Tax & Realty Group, Inc.
Senior Account Executive
•  State of Michigan - Real Estate Broker
•  State Bar of Michigan (Ret)

•  University of Detroit - Ph.B Degree
•  University of Detroit - J.D. Degree
Professional Real Estate Organizations
•  The Real Estate Answer Forum
•  Society of Industrial & Office Realtors
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